Welcome to Studio Moonfall!
5031 7th Avenue, Kenosha, WI

Donovan Scherer’s House of Art & Story creates illustrated novels taking readers of all-ages on adventures into worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Studio Moonfall is home to the Fear & Sunshine series, the Color of Kenosha coloring books, the Kenosha Book Festival, and the mad science lab responsible for ZomBeans – the inevitable undoing of all mankind. But until then, be sure to check out our Patreon page for monthly coloring books and more!

Listen to our first book, Fear & Sunshine: Prelude, for free!

Fear & Sunshine is the all-ages chapter book series about the story of Sunshine Saliente, a happy, little hippie girl who grew up in a treehouse and then, after meeting Death, finds out that he’s an old family friend. He’s arrived to take her back to the life she was meant to have as heiress to the greatest monster-making dynasty there ever was.

Click here to begin your adventure with Fear & Sunshine: Prelude

Get to know Kenosha’s favorite businesses with the Color of Kenosha coloring book series!

The coloring books feature custom illustrations of businesses, big and small, throughout Kenosha County. Starting as a way to keep people happy during 2020, the series has proven to be a great way for local companies to promote themselves in the most creative way out there.

You can find the illustrations being used on t-shirts, coloring contests, and more.
Click here to learn more about the Color of Kenosha. And if you have a business, sign up!

(be sure to check each of the individual book pages for free printable coloring books)

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