About Studio Moonfall

Studio Moonfall is Donovan Scherer’s house of art and story.

The Fear & Sunshine series first came to life in 2009 through Ratatat Graphics, Donovan Scherer’s freelance graphic design company, as a way to bring his unique art style together with a story that needed to be told. After experimenting with a variety of media platforms to present the world of Darksmith, such as mobile apps like the ZomBeans game, books became more and more the center-focus.

As his adventures into bookmaking introduced him to the world of self-publishing, he began working with leaders in the indie scene, like story studio Sterling & Stone and author J. Thorn, to bring his art to their stories. By going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of book publishing, it was time for Ratatat Graphics to evolve into something new.

Studio Moonfall is now the home for the published titles of Donovan Scherer and hopes to bring monsters and mad science to readers around the world.

For more of Donovan Scherer’s artwork and book collaborations, please visit his other website, www.DonovanScherer.com.