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Hibernation is Almost Over

Time to shake off the cobwebs and get ready to hit the road. Fear & Sunshine is back on the world tour starting February 24th with Mighty Con Milwaukee. If you want a sneak peek at some of the upcoming shows, have a looksy here –

And if you need to stretch out your finger bones, here’s a big, free bundle of Fear & Sunshine coloring pages that you can print up.

Now for some quick updates for the new year!

The next Fear & Sunshine book is still in the works. The whole story is all worked out (and it’s awesome), so now we’re ironing out some details, making sure the Madness all makes sense, and will hopefully be running full speed on the main draft sooner than later.

ZomBeans! We’ve got a fresh batch of plushies on their way as I type this but I’m talking about the game. With a recent update to Apple device software, people can no longer get the ZomBeans app on their phones or tablets. Android devices are okay… for now.

So, my choices are either to take the game completely off the iTunes store or try to fix it up.

Of course, I’m going to try and fix it up because I never want to see the end of my to-do list. Unfortunately, the code for the game is soooo outdated that it’s going to need a full rebuild in a different type of program. Time to learn Unity!

And the third order of business is something you’ve either been waiting on for way too long or you’ve never even heard of it. Creature of the Week!

The greatest battles between make-believe weirdos that has ever existed should be returning on March 10th. If you want to get involved in deciding who’s the coolest ghoul or the ghost-est with the most-est, elections will be tallied up on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use those links to follow me and keep an eye on things.

The winners of these super-vital-to-the-world elections will get t-shirts made. Yeah, if you haven’t seen it, Studio Moonfall has t-shirts. Go get ‘em!

See you soon!


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The Color of Madness

Are you ready to get crazy with color?

The Color of Madness is the first official Fear & Sunshine coloring book and will be available February 6th is available now!

The Color of Madness is now available!

Join Sunshine Saliente as she deals with her unexpected life as a mad scientist. The Color of Madness brings our little hero face-to-face with creatures of the night, lab experiments gone wrong, and brand new weirdos from the depths of Darksmith Manor.

Fun for kids and complex enough for adults, The Color of Madness will give you a taste of what Fear & Sunshine has to offer, whether you believe in monsters or not.

Based on the Fear & Sunshine series of illustrated novels by Donovan Scherer, this all-ages coloring book features 32 drawings by the author. After you’ve colored it up, be sure to check out Fear & Sunshine: Prelude to learn just how this saga of monsters, mad science, and a little hippie girl began.

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2017 World Tour

Convention season is here! (and it’s gonna be a long one)

This year, we’re stepping up the con game. In 2015, I doubled the number of days I did at shows. In 2016, it was about the same as the year before. I think it’s time to double up again.

What do you think? 100 days of shows for 2017? We might just be able to do it. So far, I have 64 days planned. I think we’ll get there.

However, I don’t just want to do a bunch of shows. I want to make sure the shows we’re all going out to are the best they can be. So, here’s the plan.

I’ll be doing a bit more to promote the events the organizers set up on Facebook. If you see me post them and think you’ll make, please make sure to click the little “Going” button and share it with your friends. This can turn a mediocre show into an awesome one. To make life easy, I’ve started listing all the shows that have events on the Studio Moonfall Facebook Events page. Go ahead, see if you can find one you can make it to.

I’ve also started a special sub-group inside the newsletter for people who want to receive special announcements about all the shows. I figure the main newsletter might get annoying if I’m throwing out info about shows every week, so we’ll keep this as its own thing. If you go sign up for the Studio Moonfall newsletter, just check the “Conventions & Shows” button to be added to the group. If you’re already receiving the newsletter, just reply back to one of those messages I’ve sent you and let me know that you want to join the Conventioneers 😀

And, of course, the full list of shows I have locked down are always available on the Calendar. First show of the year is Mighty Con in Milwaukee on February 11th, followed by KenoCon on the 12th. Oh yeah. That’s my birthday. Please bring cake.

Hope to see you soon!

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