Featured Author

Welcome to Studio Moonfall’s weekly Featured Author!

Visit every Thursday for a quick introduction to a new indie author you can find in our brick and mortar bookstore in Kenosha, Wisconsin, our Artist Ally page, or through our partnership with Bookshop.org!

To start things out, and once I get a few ducks in a row, let’s start with me, Donovan Scherer.

If you’re new here, welcome to Studio Moonfall. I make monsters.

At the time of writing this, I just published my 100th book! Mostly doing coloring books nowadays but it all started with Fear & Sunshine, an illustrated novel series about a little hippie girl raising monsters and learning mad science. Think Harry Potter meets Dr. Frankenstein with a dash of Janis Joplin.

After years of traveling around to comic conventions and art shows to bring my books to people, I’ve set up shop with a brick and mortar indie bookstore in downtown Kenosha. Along with my books and artwork, I’m bringing in lots of friends I’ve met along the way, all doing their own thing to bring their art and stories to ife.

You can hop around the website or visit the store to learn more about me but this Featured Author thing is here to introduce you to independent creators you may not have heard of. Or maybe you have. I’ve got some pretty cool friends.

The plan is to feature a new author every Thursday. You’ll be able to get to a quick link to it when you visit the Kenosha shop or when you check out our through the magic of VIRTUAL REALITY!!!

While you can find all my books on this site, the easiest way to find and order them all is to head over to my Amazon shop. Happy reading!