Creatures of Legend Coloring Book

Have Halloween all year with this book full of Creatures of Legend!

Inside, you’ll find 48 monsters by author/illustrator Donovan Scherer, creator of the Fear & Sunshine series – a story of monsters and mad science.

• The Kraken
• Swamp Witch
• Creature from the Murkey Deep
• Demoness of the Dark
• Mermark of the Vile Sea
• Wicked Witch
• Big-Eyed Mermaid of Doom
• Harpie
• Windup Robot Menace
• Frankenstein’s Abomination
• Golem of Clay and Dread
• Ghost
• Retro Robot Overlord
• Mummy
• She of the Uncanny Valley
• Vampire
• Croakius Ribitus Frog-Man
• Werewolf
• Wendigo
• Goblin
• Zombie
• Hodag
• Lich
• Dragon
• A Melvin of Deathberry Woods
• Meat-Eating Plant
• Bigfoot
• Krampus
• No Good Gnome of Mushroomington
• Medusa
• Treefolk
• Spider
• Deadish of the Wormway
• Mr. Fear
• Jackalope
• Jersey Devil
• Man-Eating Blob
• Santa Claus
• Night of the Living Hot Dog
• Yeti of Chill Mountain
• Stargrazer
• Plague Doctor
• Mothman
• Cthulhu
• Alien
• The Great Kaiju
• Tentacle Monster from Outerspace
• Quetzalcoatl

Whether you love the classics, cryptids, or creatures from folklore, you’re sure to find a favorite in this coloring book of terror!



A Coloring Book of Monsters, Misfits, and Maniacs

Genre: Coloring Book
Series: Creatures of Legend
Age Level: 8 and up
Grade Level: 3rd and up
Language: English
Page Count: 104 (48 illustrations)
ISBN-10: 1700578871
ISBN-13: 978-1700578877
Original Publication Date: 10/18/2019

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