Creatures of Legends Journals


Keep track of the Creatures of Legend you find through life with this 100 page journal.
• 6″x9″ pages
• 100 blank, bordered pages to fill with your ideas
• White-colored paper
• Use it as a journal, diary, sketchbook, or notebook
• Professionally designed cover and interior
These strange, supernatural characters of the paranormal make great birthday and holiday gifts for creepy kids or weird adults who seek cryptids, bizarre creatures, or fantastic freaks from alien worlds. I you love Halloween, check out Studio Moonfall for t-shirts, hoodies, illustrated novels, and coloring books – all filled with things that go bump in the night!


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Products for in-store pickup are available during open hours or by appointment. Studio Moonfall is located at 5031 7th Ave on the northside of downtown Kenosha. We’re next door to the Oriental Inn on the west side of the block.

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Creatures of Legend Journals

Alien, Big-Eyed Mermaid of Doon, Bigfoot, Creature from the Murky Deep, Croakius Ribitus Frog Man, Cthulhu, Deadish of the Wormway, Demoness of the Dark, Dragon, Frankenstein's Abomination, Ghost, Goblin, Golem of Clay of Dread, Harpie, Hodag, Jackalope, Jersey Devil, Kraken, Krampus, Lich, Man-Eating Blob, Man-Eating Plant, Medusa, Melvin of Deathberry Woods, Mermark of the Vile Sea, Mothman, Mr. Fear, Mummy, Night of the Living Hot Dog, No Good Gnome of Mushroomingtoom, Plague Doctor, Quetzalcoatl, Retro Robot Overlord, Santa Claus, She of the Uncanny Valley, Spider, Stargrazer, Swamp Witch, Tentacle Monster from Outer Space, The Great Kaiju, Treefolk, Vampire, Wendigo, Werewolf, Wicked Witch, Windup Robot Menace, Yeti of Chill Mountain, Zombie


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