Let’s Color America

Studio Moonfall, Wisconsin’s all-ages book publisher of illustrated adventures and more, is going on a road trip!
We’re starting a new coloring book series featuring places from across the country and want you to be part of it.

Creating coloring pages for neighboring businesses in Kenosha, Wisconsin began as a way to give people something fun to do while laying low during the whole pandemic situation. Daily printable pages grew into The Color of Kenosha coloring book and now it’s time to show people what they’ve been missing across the country for the last few months.

Here’s what you’ll receive if you get involved:

• Artwork designed by Wisconsin author/illustrator Donovan Scherer of Studio Moonfall
• A printable file and web link for your coloring page that you can share
• Social media graphics and a poster to promote the coloring book
• License to use the final artwork for your own promotions, social media, or merchandise
• Optional discounts on the printed coloring book to give away or sell for a profit! The books sell for $10 MSRP

$500 includes 50 copies • $750 includes 100 copies • $1000 includes 200 copies

Samples of printable pages from the book that started this series
are available at http://www.colorofkenosha.com

Each state’s coloring book will feature 50+ businesses and attractions so sign up soon. Let’s give people a fun reminder of what’s out there for when they’re ready to come visit our businesses.

Ready to sign up? Choose your state below. More will be added as we’re ready to begin production.

LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica

Have any questions? Use the form below:

Let's Color America

  • The books for Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, New York, and Michigan are scheduled to be published in April 2021
  • If you have any questions about being included in the Color of Kenosha coloring book, please ask!
    Or if you already know that you'd love to be included, you're welcome to share any initial ideas you may have for your business's coloring page.

Printable Samples

LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica LetsColorAmerica